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J. Lucas Reddinger

Research Fields

Curriculum Vita PDF, updated 2020-02-27

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Selected Research

“Temptation: Immediacy and Certainty”

Is an option especially tempting when it is both immediate and certain? I conduct a longitudinal experiment on Amazon Mechanical Turk using real-effort provision to quantify the effect of risk on present-bias. I find that the intensity of present-bias increases drastically from from β=1.03 under uncertainty to β=0.75 under certainty, with broad implications for prevailing experimental methodology and the theory of risk and time preferences.

“Wage Policies, Incentive Schemes, and Motivation”

We review experimental and field evidence of how effort and performance in the labor market is affected by financial incentives and non-monetary motivators. Especially small incentives may crowd-out intrinsic motivation, while large incentives may cause choking. A wide variety of social preferences affect labor supply, including gift exchange, fairness, and reciprocity.